The Snapshot® Device

What is Snapshot®?

It is a colour measuring device. Snapshot® can read the colour of any flat surface and display the closest colour from Dulux World of Colour II Atlas. Snapshot® pairs with an app on your smart phone or tablet device. The snapshot unit will not work on its own.

What surfaces can it be used on?

Solid flat surfaces are recommended. It will not pick up multiple colours from a pattern, just the one colour that the device is placed over. Curved or textured surface may impact the colour measuring ability of the device because this may introduce external light which can impact the result.

How many colour recommendations does the unit provide?

The Snapshot® app will provide the closest three Dulux colours from the Dulux World of Colour II Atlas.

How do I recharge the unit?

A USB charger is provided with the unit.

How long should the battery last?

This depends on how often the device is used and whether or not it has been switched off after use. Refer to the setting in the opp to monitor the battery life.

Can you purchase replacement batteries?

No. Should the battery fail during warranty period. Please return the unit to your nearest Dulux Trade Centre.

The unit won't recharge. What do I do?

Please contact Dulux Customer Service 0800 800 424.

Colour Matching

How accurate is the colour matching?

When tested against the Dulux World of Colour II Atlas, the Snapshot® device returns the selected colour as the number one choice over 80% of the time, and in the top 3 over 95% of the time.

Are there colours that are difficult to match?

Whilst the Dulux World of Colour II Atlas covers a large colour space there are certain areas of colour that are more difficult to replicate, particularly if the chosen surface is not a paint material.

Does sheen level influence the colour matching?

The unit it optimised for low sheen surfaces however you can still colour match on all sheen levels for the nearest Dulux colour match.

The colour calibration doesn't seem right, what do I do?

You can manually recalibrate the unit. Switch the device on, open the app. Go to settings and click 'Calibrate my Snapshot'.

Will it always provide a closest colour option?

The unit will always display the closest three Dulux colours. In the instance the colour is outside of the Dulux colour spectrum, there may be a colour difference between the actual and the recommended colour.

Can I find competitor colours?

No, the opp only matches to the nearest Dulux Colours. The unit is exclusive to Dulux New Zealand & Australia.

Does it match to Dulux Acratex, Powders and Protective Coatings colours?

No, it only matches to colours for Dulux Decorative products. The app only has the Dulux World of Colour II colours included. Dulux Design Metallics, Suede, Stone etc... are not included.

I'm struggling to use the unit. Is there a User Guide?

A comprehensive user guide can be downloaded from the Dulux website.

Can it be used on timber stains?

If the unit is used on a timber stain it will provide the nearest Dulux solid colour match for the stain. The unit does not match to a timber stain.

The App

        Does it cost to download the app?

        No. The Snapshot® app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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