Autoclaved Aerated Concrete System

Dulux work alongside Hebel to bring an AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) system to the NZ market. The Hebel AAC system benefits include:

  • As solid and strong as bricks
  • Thermal efficiencies that reduces reliance on heating and cooling
  • Sound proof and better acoustics
  • Fire resistant for peace of mind

    Dulux AcraTex coatings have been specifically formulated and engineered to match the thermal and physical characteristics that are unique to Hebel AAC. Easy to work with, Dulux AcraTex coatings are designed to help you achieve the perfect finish to any Hebel project, including the highly sought after smooth, monolithic look.Given the variability of some coatings – not all are what they claim to be – customers can be confident that when they choose Dulux AcraTex coating systems they have been correctly formulated to a consistent, durable formulation backed by Dulux.

    Dulux AcraTex coating systems have been formulated with unique acrylic polymer resins incorporating specially graded fillers and selected additives to enhance the application and workability of the mix, ensuring a consistent durable performance finishing system to the Hebel facade.