Your Shopping List

  • Dulux® Wash&Wear® Matt in your chosen colour
  • Dulux Aquanamel® Semi Gloss in your chosen colour
  • Dulux Duramax® in your chosen sheen and colours
  • Undercoat/stain blocker (if required)
  • High quality synthetic brush for cutting in
  • Medium nap (10-18mm) synthetic roller for walls
  • Short nap (5-10mm) synthetic roller for windows and trims
  • Paint pot – for cutting in
  • Roller tray
  • Roller extension pole
  • Drop sheets
  • Painter’s masking tape
  • Cloth

What to consider before you start



  1. Follow the preparation steps.

  2. Start by cutting in around the edges of the wall with a brush – these are areas the roller cannot easily reach.

  3. Load the roller in the tray with a reasonable amount of paint.

  4. Start rolling the wall in an ‘M’ pattern. Start closest to the natural light source. Continue over the same section until the wall is evenly covered.

  5. Using an unloaded roller begin in the top left corner of your wall and gently let the roller roll down to the baseboards in a straight line with no pressure. A lightness of touch will prevent new roller marks from forming. Repeat this action only this time, slightly overlap your last movement so your roller rubs away the line created by the previous stroke. Continue this across the area you have painted. This is called laying off.

  6. Reload your roller and repeat until the wall is complete.

  7. Allow the first coat to dry and repeat the total process again with a second coat.

Fireplace, Windows & Shutters

lounge room windows
  1. Follow the preparation steps.

  2. Begin by taping around the fireplace, window or trim with painter’s masking tape.

  3. For technique, start by cutting in at the top and bottom of the edges of the trim, then finish off the middle.

  4. Apply paint to the trim using short, horizontal brush strokes. Repeat the motion for about a metre.

  5. Smooth over the painted section with long brush strokes. Do not reload the brush when you do this. Don’t brush it too much – a few strokes should be enough to smooth the surface.

  6. Repeat this process until complete. Allow to dry, then give the surface a light sand with 400 grit sandpaper and repeat for a second coat.

Note: With windows it is recommended to paint the inner window sections first then move to the outer trim. And remember, always keep windows open as they dry and ensure to move them constantly to prevent them from sticking together.

Dulux Aquanamel Semi Gloss

Dulux Aquanamel can be used in place of traditional oil based enamels, which not only saves time, but has the added benefit of paintwork not turning yellow with time. Click here to order online for delivery to your door.


  1. Follow the preparation steps.

  2. If using Dulux Duramax Metallic Rose Gold and Dulux Duramax Ito Gloss, apply in multiple light, mist coats.

  3. For a realistic marble look use Dulux Duramax Marble Effect. First apply a coat of Dulux Duramax High Performance Enamel in your chosen colour. Then apply one coat of Dulux Duramax Marble Effect. Spray with quick hand movements from multiple directions, keeping 25cm or more distance from the surface. Every marble finish will be unique so don’t think too hard about the pattern while you are spraying.

  4. Finally, once the surface has dried, spray the entire surface with Dulux Duramax Clear Coat Satin or Gloss.

  5. Follow the after spraying instructions.

  6. Now, admire your transformation! Great job!

Dulux Duramax Marble Effect Spray Paint

High performance, elegant, marble finish effect for special projects inside and outside the home.

lounge room vases

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