First impressions count. A fresh lick of Dulux paint on your front door can freshen up the look of your whole house. It creates a warm welcome for visitors while making your home the street’s style star.


  1. Before you get started, the most important thing to consider is the colour. Make sure you choose a shade that reflects your personality and gives people a taste of what they can experience on the inside.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colours – they’re a great way to make neutral exteriors like concrete renders or brown bricks ‘pop’.
  3. Then, it’s time to prep your door. If you’re painting over existing paint work you’ll likely find that it’s coated in either a gloss or semi-gloss paint. For best results and to ensure maximum adhesion, sand your surface thoroughly and dust off before painting.
  4. If you’re painting onto a bare surface, over a darker colour or a repaired surface, a coat of primer is recommended to seal your surface and provide the ideal base for painting. Apply 1 coat of Dulux® 1 Step® Acrylic Primer, Sealer & Undercoat and leave it to dry for two hours.
  5. Finally, it’s time to give your door a fresh look. Apply two coats of Dulux® Aquanamel® in your chosen colour. For the best finish, allow a minimum of two hours drying time between each coat then enjoy the new look.

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A fresh coat of paint can have an incredible effect on the feel of your home. Using Dulux Weathershield will reviatlise your home brickwork exterior and provide a lasting look designed for New Zealand conditions.

Prepare exterior surfaces

There are some key points to note when preparing to paint exterior areas. Using the correct technique and quality paints will result in a painting job that is faster, cheaper and easier to use than alternative methods.