1. It’s time to prepare your surfaces. Mask off the edges with a good quality masking tape, and then mix your paint by giving the spray can a good shake.
    TIP: Practice your technique on a spare piece of cardboard before spraying your items.
  2. Hold the can upright, about 10 – 25cm away from the surface, and start moving your hand before pressing the nozzle. If you hold it down while your hand is still, there’s a chance the paint will run and sag.
  3. Spray in smooth even strokes, parallel to the surface, in an even side-to-side motion. Make sure you release the nozzle at the end of each stroke so you don’t get a build-up of paint on the ends. Overlap your previous stroke by about one third with each new spray.
  4. Take your time. Multiple light coats are better than one heavy coat.
  5. Let your item rest for about 20 minutes or until touch dry before giving it a second coat.
  6. A good quality spray paint like Dulux Duramax® will be completely dry and ready to use within an hour.
  7. To clean up, use a cloth soaked with a bit of mineral turps to clean away any excess paint, then tip the can upside down and spray until you’re only spraying gas. That’ll help prevent blockages in the future.
  8. All Dulux spray cans once empty are completely recyclable so be sure to throw them in your household recycling bin. Check the disposal expectations of your area with your local council.

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