Step 1. Choose your colour

Start by selecting a colour a group, whether that be White and Neutrals, Greys or something more colourful. The section will then expand and you can select a colour swatch that is similar to the colour of your choice. The colour swatch image will widen and you will have a full-screen view of the colour.

Choose Your Colour

Step 2. Select a Photo

Once you have chosen your colour select the ColourView icon on the bottom left hand side of the colour swatch. Select a photo from the Dulux Photos Gallery that is similar to what you are painting. You will then see your chosen colour displayed in the image.

Select a Photo

Step 3. Paint the walls

If you are happy with the colour you’ve chosen, you can now click on the colour swatch on the left hand side of your screen. This will exit ColourView and you will now have the option to add a Dulux Sample Pot or Colour Swatch to your cart. We recommend doing so, as it will help you test the colour in person on your own walls at home.

If you are still deciding on a colour and want to test other colours with the ColourView tool, navigate to the tab on the right hand side that says “Choose Colour”. Here you will have the option to view similar colours and schemes for your original chosen colour. Alternatively, you can browse by colour, search for a specific colour or view your favourite colours. Simply click on a different colour you like and see what the image looks like with a new coat of paint!

Paint Your Walls

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