Development of a yellow cast in aging paint solvent-based enamels; most noticeable in the dried films of white paints or clear varnishes.

Possible cause

  • Oxidation of alkyd or oil-based paint or varnish
  • Heat from stoves, radiators and heating ducts
  • Lack of light (e.g. behind pictures or appliances and inside closets)



Top quality water-based paints such as Dulux Aquanamel® do not tend to yellow, nor does non-yellowing varnish.

Solvent-based paints, because of their curing mechanism, do tend to yellow, particularly in areas that are protected from sunlight.

To prevent yellowing, use a premium quality water-based paint in place of solvent-based paint. For more information, please consult our detailed Technical Advice note on the topic.

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A rough, crinkled paint surface, which occurs when uncured paint forms a 'skin'.