Wrinking is a rough, crinkled paint surface occurring when paint forms a 'skin'.

Possible cause

  • Paint applied too thickly (more likely when using solvent-based paints)
  • Painting a hot surface or in very hot weather
  • Exposure of uncured paint to rain, dew, fog or high humidity levels
  • Applying the topcoat to insufficiently dried first coat
  • Painting over contaminated surface (e.g. dirt or wax)



Scrape or sand substrate to remove wrinkled coating then repaint by applying an even coat of top quality exterior paint. Dulux recommends the Dulux Weathershield® range for use on exterior surfaces. Make sure the first coat or primer is dry before applying the topcoat.

Apply paints at the manufacturer's recommended spread rate (two coats at the recommended spread rate are better than one thick coat). When painting during extremely humid, cool or damp weather, allow extra time for the paint to dry completely.

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