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Our website contains specific product and technical information to help complete your project with the best coating system for the job.

On this site you will find Product Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets for each Dulux Protective Coatings product, plus informative Tech Notes that cover a broad range of coating application and specification issues.


For maximum performance, Dulux Protective Coatings recommends that the application guidelines detailed in individual product data sheets are followed accordingly.

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Did you know?

  • Single pack primers and topcoats can't prevent the corrosion of steel, particularly in areas near the coastline or internal, high humidity areas such as indoor swimming pools. High performance protective coating systems are required in these situations. 
  • Preparation and painting of steelwork in shop not only results in a vastly superior finish that lasts much longer, but is also significantly cheaper than doing the work on site. 
  • Sharp edges on steelwork must be ground off to a minimum of 2mm radius before applying any protective coating. Without removal, the coating will pull away from the sharp edge, resulting in inadequate protection at this point. the result is edge corrosion. 

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Single pack primers

Dulux Metalshield All Surface Primer

Single pack, fast dry thin film zinc phosphate primer for all metal surfaces.

Dulux Metalshield Cold Galv Primer

Single pack anti corrosive primer containing a high level of zinc metal that provides cathodic protection to steel.

Dulux Metalshield High Build ZP Primer

Metalshield High Build ZP Primer is an anti-corrosive shop or field primer used for the protection of steel in mild industrial and commercial environments and is ideal where fast turn around time is required.

Two pack primers

Dulux Luxepoxy 4 White Primer

Two pack epoxy primer suitable for a broad range of non-ferrous substrates.

Dulux Duremax GPE ZP

General purpose two pack epoxy primer containing zinc phosphate for corrosion protection.

Dulux Durepon P14

Two pack epoxy zinc phosphate primer


Dulux Duremax GPE

General purpose two pack epoxy.

Dulux Durebild STE

Two pack, high solids surface tolerant epoxy.

Dulux Durebild STE MIO

Two pack, high solids surface tolerant epoxy with micaceous iron oxide.

Single pack topcoats

Dulux Metalshield Premium

Single pack UV resistant silicone modified enamel topcoat with superior weathering properties to that of conventional alkyd enamels.

Dulux Metalshield QD Enamel Topcoat

Metalshield QD Enamel Topcoat is ideal as a coating for steel in mild and commercial environments.

Dulux Ferrodor 810

Single pack alkyd enamel topcoat containing a high level of micaceous iron oxide, offering excellent durability in mild to moderate environments.

Two pack topcoats

Dulux Weathermax HBR MIO

The high build MIO polyurethane topcoat.

Dulux Acrathane IF

Isocyanate-free two pack epoxy acrylic topcoat with excellent anti graffiti properties and good gloss and colour retention on exterior exposure.

Dulux Quantum FX

Premium quality, bright metallic two-pack acrylic polyurethane topcoat in a range of 60 brilliant colours. Available in Fine and Coarse Metallic.

Concrete flooring

Dulux Luxafloor WB

Low build, water borne, two pack epoxy floor coating for areas subject to foot traffic and vehicle traffic. Available in selected colours on the Luxafloor Colour Chart through the ColorFastâ„¢ Tint System.

Dulux Luxafloor ECO2

The waterborne two-pack epoxy floor coating

Dulux Luxafloor RollCoat - PC227

Luxafloor® RollCoat is a high build, high solids, two pack epoxy floor coating that provides a hardwearing surface.

Anti graffiti

Dulux Surfaceshield™ HD-H

Water-based, low VOC surface treatment for horizontal surfaces to protect against contaminants including chewing gum.

Dulux Surfaceshield™ S

Water-based, low VOC surface treatment that provides sacrificial protection against graffiti and normal atmospheric dirt and grime.

Dulux Surfaceshield™ HD

Water-based, low VOC solution for the protection of vertical surfaces from graffiti and pollution ingress. Suitable for use where low odour and low solvent emissions are desired.