Identity is a powerful call to action – to be bold, experimental and non-conformist.

identity walls

Rules and conventions are thrown out the window, freeing us up to experiment with a bold and individualistic vision.

identity arches

Filled with fun and spirited energy, bursting with the spontaneity of youth and wild optimism, colour becomes adrenaline for the senses.

Bold and experimental is the key to this individualistic movement in colour and design. Optimistic and youthful hints of retro 80s style live alongside bespoke pieces in a happy clash of personal expression.

A spirited take on fun, retro style and youthful, optimistic colours. It's time to show off your true colours; to be brave and confident and to flaunt the fabulous, colourful quirks and flaws that make us unique.

identity pillars
identity colour walls
identity lounge


Identity is the perfect palette for revealing your eccentric side. Call on the unusual combinations of saturated blues, purples and oranges, and match these against a base of paler notes.


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