There are many reasons to prime before you paint

Dulux PRECISION is a range of specialty preparation products that deliver superior performance.  

Block grease and water stains

For best results on a wide range of water & oil based stains such as food & beverage, grease, smoke, nicotine, water stains, mould stains, graffiti, crayon, ink, stains caused by fire damage, rust, lipstick, markers, tannin bleed, sap streaks and knots.


Block stain, smoke and odour

Use a fast drying, Shellac based, superior stain blocker. It blocks a wide range of stubborn water & oil based stains, protects against tannin bleed in timber and seals odour.

Block mould and inhibit future mould growth

Ensure your surface is free of mould. Cover up mould stains and stop the mould from spreading any further with Dulux PRECISION Stain & Mould Blocker.

Block stain & odour

Block severe stains with the convenience of low odour, fast drying & water wash up with superior performance.

Promote adhesion

Ordinary paint may not stick to smooth or gloss surfaces. Without a specifically formulated adhesion promoting primer, paint may peel, flake, crack or blister. Use Dulux PRECISION Maximum Strength to get the best bond to a variety of ‘tough to paint’ surfaces which typically resist coatings.

Seal porous surfaces

Need to seal porous surfaces? Dulux PRECISION Sealer Binder binds unpainted powdery surfaces such as bare plaster, providing a sound foundation on which to apply subsequent paint coats.

Prime metal surfaces

Need to paint metal surfaces such as galvanised iron, Zincalume®, wrought iron and aluminium? Dulux PRECISION All Metal Primer has been developed to inhibit rust and corrosion for the protection of metal surfaces.

Frequently asked questions

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