Paint your walls

Dulux Wash&Wear creates a hard wearing finish that allows you to wipe away most common marks, scuffs and stains with a wet cloth. Available in several sheen levels, Dulux Wash&Wear is perfect for interior walls.

Paint your ceiling 

Ceilings can sometimes be overlooked, but with Dulux Ceiling White you can get a fresh, flawless finish and give people a reason to look up and admire your handy work.

Paint your doors, windows and trims

Create a welcoming entrance to any room with the right tools and techniques for the job. Available in several sheen levels, Aquanamel and Wash&Wear Gloss are perfect for your doors, windows and trims.

Painting preparation

Preparing your surface correctly will mean the difference between a long-lasting paint job and the need to repaint. Read about all the features & benefits of Dulux Interior preparation products.

Painting Dulux Design Effects

Our Design Effects Collection helps you add those special details that make a home unique. Including Chalkboard Effect, Metallic Effect, Suede Effect and more, find what you need to create a statement in your home.