Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass is a versatile effect that can update the appearance of glass, ideal for adding privacy to windows.

Chalky Finish

Chalky Finish is a fast drying spray paint delivering an ultra matt finish and velvety appearance.


Duramax Colours

Duramax is available in a range of colours, textures and speciality finishes.

Granite Effect

Granite Effect is a textured paint designed to reflect the natural tones and texture of granite.

Marble Finish

Marble Effect gives you a highly fashionable white marble effect.


Create a unique living space by adding your personal touch to items around the home.

Bright Finish

Bright Finish allows you to reproduce the look of precious metals with ease.


Duramax Range

High performance spray paint that has excellent coverage on wood, metal and most plastic. Duramax dries 10x faster than normal spray paint

Stainless Steel Effect

Stainless Steel Effect gives a stainless steel look that can bring new life to your project.

Metallic Finish

Metallic Finish is a fast drying spray paint delivering an ultra matt finish and velvety appearance.

Magnetic Chalkboard

Magnetic Chalkboard is ideal for kitchens, offices and play areas. Usable on smooth metal, wood and plastic surfaces.

Diamond Finish

Diamond Finish can be sprayed over any Dulux Duramax colour to give a brilliant glittery finish.

Learn to get an amazing finish with Duramax how to guides

Learn how to get an amazing finish with Duramax

From Chalky and Metallic Finishes to Gloss and Textures, we have a range of guides to help you apply your new look.

Learn how to apply Duramax

Frequently asked questions

  • What should I do before painting?

    Read the directions on each aerosol can. Dulux Duramax products ouline instructions to ensure optimum results. Generally, you should prepare the surface by removing dirt, grease, rust, wax, moisture and loose paint. Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of contaminants before spraying. 

  • How long does Dulux Duramax spray paint take to dry?

    Dulux Duramax contains a rapid dry formulation that ensures the coating is touch dry in 20 minutes and ready to use in 1 hour. 

  • What is the coverage of Dulux Duramax?

    Dulux Duramax can cover up to 4.5m per can depending on the surface and colour used. 

  • Why should I use a primer?

    Using a primer improves the amount of coverage you get from a can of Dulux Duramax top coat and it provides additional benefits for the following surfaces:

    Metal - increases corrosion resistance on bare metal surfaces

    Wood - Helps avoid an uneven paint finish by sealing the surface and reducing uneven penetration of bare wood surfaces

    Plastic - provides a necessary "key" into the plastic surface to help secure the top coat to the object. 

  • How do I prevent my spray can tip from clogging?

    Prevent blocking by turning the can upside down and spraying until clear gas emerges. Also wipe front of nozzle clean. Clean up overspray while it is still wet with mineral turps.