Dulux and Pet Refuge join forces to provide pet relief for domestic abuse victims

Dulux Colour Ambassador Evie Kemp’s colourful mural for Pet Refuge

Dulux partnered with Evie Kemp who designed and painted a mural in the Pet Refuge shelter using the Dulux® Colours of New Zealand® range. View the video to see Evie’s design journey, her colourful mural and limited edition prints.

To help pets and their families escape abuse and find safety, purchase an Evie Kemp print or donate to Pet Refuge by visiting petrefugeprints.co.nz

Dulux has partnered with Pet Refuge to help people and pets in need.

Pet Refuge is a charitable trust who believe that no one should live with violence, and that’s why they are building a shelter that will temporarily house pets affected by domestic violence, so their owners can escape abuse at home. The specially designed shelter is the first of its kind in NZ, with plans to build more around the country in key locations.

NZ has the second highest rate of pet ownership in the world, and unfortunately the highest rate of family violence in the OECD. The 2018 Women's Refuge survey of women whose pets were abused as part of domestic violence found 53% delayed leaving family violence out of fear for their pet’s safety.

Most refuges don’t have facilities to house pets, so this creates a barrier for people wanting to leave, as they can’t face leaving their pets behind. By providing a shelter that works alongside Women’s Refuge, victims can leave with their pets, knowing there will be a safe place for them to go, and can be reunited once longer term plans are in place.

Dulux is contributing a significant amount of product and resource for the build of the shelter by supplying all the paint and coatings needed such as decorative paints like Wash&Wear®, Weathershield® and Aquanamel®, as well as specialty protective coatings like Fireshield®. Dulux are also providing technical advice and interior design expertise for the shelter. It is expected that the pets Pet Refuge will care for will be stressed or traumatised so it’s important that the interior environment they enter provides a calming and positive energy. Contrary to what many people think, cats, dogs, birds and many other animals can see particular colours, so we will be incorporating this into the design of the shelter through the Dulux Colours of New Zealand®. We want to use colour to help create a sense of calm, harmony and optimism for both the animals and the people that work there. Dulux has also sponsored a ‘virtual brick’ in the names of each of its NZ employees.

Dulux will also continue to provide donations for future support and with the help of the Dulux Dog, will continue to raise awareness for Pet Refuge and assist in future fundraising activities.

For more information, and how you can donate visit www.petrefuge.org.nz

The pet refuge shelter

The Pet Refuge shelter is a purpose-designed building to provide temporary shelter and security for pets in family violence situations, with the end goal of reuniting each of them with their owners so they can start new lives together in violence-free homes. The location of the shelter will be kept confidential in order to protect the safety of the pets and people assisted by Pet Refuge. The construction of the shelter is underway and expected to open in 2021.

Pet Refuge super hero capes for your pet

Everyone wants to be a superhero...and now your pet can be too. PETstock have partnered with Pet Refuge to create super hero capes for pets with 100% of proceeds going to Pet Refuge.

How you can help

If you want to help there are lots of ways to get involved.

  • Make a monthly donation
  • Make a one-off donation
  • Fundraise for Pet Refuge
  • Make a bequest
  • Become a business partner

Sponsor a brick

Please sponsor a brick to help open Pet Refuge.

For just $20 you can give vulnerable families the courage to escape with their pets and rebuild new lives together.

Every donor will receive a virtual brick by email in recognition of their valued support.