Create the perfect frame to the outside world with a lustrous paint and a little know-how.


  1. Windows are one of those places in the home that collect dust and cobwebs, so be sure to give yours a good clean with Selleys Original Sugar Soap before painting. Read the Interior Paint Preparation Guide to get your windows in the right condition to paint.
  2. Mask around your window frame and glass with tape to prevent accidental splatters interfering with your walls or view.

    Select your product from the Dulux range of premium interior enamel paints including Dulux Aquanamel which is a durable, non-yellowing, water based enamel paint that is low odour, fast drying and has easy water wash up.

  3. Dip your brush half way into the paint and tap it against the side of the pot to remove any excess. Working quickly, paint next to the glass around the sills first using long brush strokes. Avoid dabbing the paint.
  4. Work around the window frame progressively outwards until you finish with the edge against the wall.
  5. While your paint is still damp, lay-off the surface using an unloaded brush and a very light touch. Use long, smooth strokes to smooth the surface and produce flawless results.
  6. And you’re done! Simply clean up using responsible paint disposal methods and enjoy your new look.

    See here for tips on paint disposal: Paint clean up and disposal.

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