Did you know that colour can play an important role in your physical and mental wellbeing?

Surrounding yourself with specific colours can impact how you feel - your mood, emotions and even your physical health. However how you feel about colour is also really personal, you might be drawn to colours that may not appeal to someone else. Past experiences can play a role in shaping how people feel about and respond to different colors.

Here is a list of some key colours and the different emotions and feelings they can evoke in a space.

  • REDS – The colour of love, passion, courage and danger. The colour red increases your respiration rate and aids digestion. Shades of red can be a good option for cafes, restaurants and dining rooms.
  • BLUES – The colour of stability, calm, peace and sometimes sadness. It is a sincere colour that makes shades of blue a popular choice in bedrooms. It’s been shown that people are more productive in blue coloured spaces so it’s perfect for offices.
  • YELLOWS – Bright and cheery with lots of energy. It can increase your metabolism as well as your sense of optimism. While most people find it a cheerful colour, it can create feelings of frustration with visual overload. Choosing a softer yellow paint is good choice for interiors.
  • GREENS – The colour of nature is refreshing and tranquil. Shades of green evoke compassion and optimism. With its range of undertones from blue green to yellow green, green paint is a popular choice inside and outside Kiwi homes
  • BROWNS – Brown evokes a sense of strength and reliability. Brown paint colours are often associated with resilience and dependability.
  • GREYS – Grey paint and all its variations are elegant and timeless. It represents neutrality and balance.
bedroom with blue wall

Image: Julia Green

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