What to consider before starting a paint project

When planning a painting project, setting your budget can keep you on track to make sure costs are under control. Just like any home improvement project, understanding the costs and where your money is going is a responsible part of project ownership. There are real benefits in a fresh coat of paint to improve your home whether that be an interior or exterior job, you’ll be amazed with the results.

painter using roller on wall

Budget factors

Size of room

As with any home improvement project, the size of the space directly impacts the overall budget whether that be a small room or entire exterior. The greater the size of the room, the more you’ll need to budget for to cover the additional materials and additional time. If you are planning to hire a professional to complete your project take size into consideration as a bigger space will influence the quote you will receive.


When it comes to home improvement we always believe it is best to find the best quality paint you can afford. Durability is a key component of paint that greatly adds value that will give you better service both short and long term. Low quality paint is more likely to deteriorate over time through peeling and fading. We recommend investing in high quality paint to stand the test of time and strain. Remember when searching for paint for your project, brand, quality and finish are the most important features when it comes to value.

Paint it yourself or find a professional

If you have time and some skill, doing the painting yourself will heavily save on your budget. Tackling a whole house improvement project can be a major investment in time however we believe it makes the process very self-rewarding when completed. Or, you may not have the interest or time to invest in a DIY painting project so hiring a professional might be the best option. We recommend our Dulux Accredited Painters who display exceptional levels of professionalism, customer satisfaction and reliability to get the job done. Dulux Accredited Painters are carefully selected by Dulux, so you can feel confident that you are selecting a skilled, reliable and experienced trade person.

Be smart about your painting supplies

You want to buy the right supplies if you’re going to be completing your own painting project - but don’t get too carried away. Ask the paint professional at your local Dulux retailer which brushes, or rollers will work best for your walls. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the paint counter. Having the right tools and equipment for the job can save money by eliminating the need for multiple coats to cover imperfections or multiple trips to buy more supplies.

With many factors influencing the price of your painting project, plan ahead and be open minded to spending a little more for better, satisfactory results that will stand the test of time.

How much paint will I need?

Estimate your paint job in 3 steps

  1.  Measure all areas that need to be painted. Consider all walls, doors, skirting board and trims and the ceiling.
  2.  Enter the measurements of the space that is being painted into the Paint Calculator tool, remembering to include the number of doors and windows, and if the surface is new or a re-paint. This helps to estimate the amount of paint required for each surface.
  3. Remember that you need to do multiple coats – for a premium finish, we recommend 2 coats.
paint brush and can


When purchasing paint it’s important to check the spread rate of the product. A lower spread rate means that the coverage of the product won’t be as thick and will requre more coats. As a general guide, one litre of Dulux Wall, Dulux Trim or Dulux Ceiling paint covers approximately 16m2, while one litre of Dulux Primer will cover approximately 14m2.


Small project: Bedroom

4 walls, 1 door & 1 window

  • 6L Dulux 1Step Prep
  • 6L Dulux Wash & Wear
  • 2L Dulux Ceiling Paint
  • 2L Dulux Aquanamel


lounge image

Medium project: Lounge room

4 walls, 1 door & 2 windows

  • 6L Dulux 1Step Prep
  • 10L Dulux Wash & Wear
  • 8L Dulux Ceiling Paint
  • 4L Dulux Aquanamel

dining room and hallway

Large project: Multiple rooms

Bedroom, lounge room and entry way

  • 10L Dulux 1Step Prep
  • 15L Dulux Wash & Wear
  • 10L  Dulux Ceiling Paint
  • 6L Dulux Aquanamel
Exterior of house with brick

Exterior project: Brickwork 

4 walls, brick exterior home

  • 20L Dulux Weathershield: 4 brick exterior walls
  • 2L Dulux Weathershield: 2 doors & 8 windows