General painting guides

Use the collection of Dulux painting guides to help you get the right tips and techniques for your next project.

How to spray paint

Whether you want to breathe new life into something old, or add a bit of colour to something new, a quick spray paint will fix it.

How to use a paint roller

To use a roller you'll need a tray, frame, roller cover and possibly an extension pole. Make sure you have the right roller for the job.

How to use a paint brush

Brush up your painting skills with these simple tips and tricks from Dulux.

Paint clean up and disposal

It's important that all paint is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Follow these tips to make clean up an ease.

Safety information

Basic safety information is included on the labels of our products. For more information, you can obtain a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on the individual product.

Painting and product advice

Following these tips from Dulux will help you achieve the quality paint job you are after.

Our most popular products

Dulux Wash&Wear Low Sheen

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