Residential Interior


Project Title: Perfect Storm
Company Name: Green Anvil Co + Killing Matt Woods + Set For Art

This residential warehouse conversion chose to stray away from acceptable genre examples. The designer chose to ignore the whims of trend, opting for a unique approach that perfectly underscores the clients’ vision.

Wood and texture finish kitchen

Image Credit: Kat Lu


Project Title: Ruckers Hill House
Company Name: Studio Bright

This Edwardian home on the crest of Ruckers Hill, has been restored and enlarged with new living spaces in a separate rear-garden pavilion. Colour palettes differentiate rooms to offer personality cues. ‘Richmond Tigers’ yellow for the avid footballer, green backgrounds for the adolescent, and powder blues to add a sense of femininity. The main bedroom is a retreat and a nod to the client’s eclectic taste – with hues of pink, complementary green robes and side tables, and plush maroon carpet underfoot.

Ruckers Hill House

Image Credit: Roy Gardiner

Residential Interior – Finalists

Revisit the projects that captured the attention of our judges.

Art House

Company Name: STUDIO CD. Image Credits: Anson Smart

Brunswick Residence

Company Name: Lucy Bock Design Studio. Image Credits: Derek Swalwell

Grey Lynn

Company Name: Dessein Parke. Image Credits: Sam Hartnett.

Gillies Hall

Company Name: Carter Williamson. Image Credits: Katherine Lu.

Concrete Blonde

Company Name: Carter Williamson. Image Credits: Anson Smart.

Balmoral Blue House

Company Name: Esoteriko Interior Architecture. Image Credits: David Wheeler.

Orchard House

Company Name: Chelsea Hing. Image Credits: Rhiannon Taylor.

Wellard Architects

Company Name: Wellard Architects. Image Credits: Derek Swalwell.

Angophora Pavillion

Company Name: Ava Shirley Architect. Image Credits: James Deck.

Palladiana Party

Company Name: Sally Caroline. Image Credits: Sharyn Cairns.

Northcote House

Company Name: Sarah Wood Designs. Image Credits: Dylan James.

Ruckers Hill House

Company Name: Studio Bright. Image Credits: Rory Gardiner.

Lawler Residence

Company Name: Andrew Donaldson Architecture and Design. Image Credits: Tom Ferguson Photography.

Malvern Residence

Company Name: Doherty Design Studio. Image Credits: Derek Swalwell.

Sunny House

Company Name: Cloud Dwellers and Diana Azzarello. Image Credits: Andy Macpherson.

Orange Grove Cottage

Company Name: CO-AP (Architects). Image Credits: Ross Honeysett.

Plaster Fun House

Company Name: Sans-Arc Studio. Image Credits: Thomas Mccammon.

Budge Over Dover

Company Name: YSG. Image Credits: Prue Ruscoe.

Armadale House

Company Name: Luke Fry Architecture & Interior Design. Image Credits: Derek Swalwell.

Redfern Warehouse

Company Name: Ian Moore Architects. Image Credits: Rory Gardiner.

Elm Tree Place

Company Name: Eastop Architecture & Design. Image Credits: Rory Gardiner.

Bourke Street Apartment

Company Name: Fowler and Ward. Image Credits: Tom Blachford.

Glassbook House

Company Name: Sibling Architecture. Image Credits: Katherine Lu.

Thornton Residence

Company Name: Doherty Design Studio. Image Credits: Derek Swalwell.

Perfect Storm

Company Name: Green Anvil Co. + Killing Matt Woods + Set For Art. Image Credits: Kat Lu.

Canopy House

Company Name: Leeton Pointon Architects + Interiors. Image Credits: by Lisa Cohen.

St Kilda Residence

Company Name: Doherty Design Studio. Image Credits: Derek Swalwell.

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