Single Residential Exterior


Project Title: Casuarina House
Company Name: Vokes & Peters

Casuarina House is a new coastal family home in Northern New South Wales. In the direct sun, the red paintwork is bright and modern. In the shadows, the same colour appears deep and moody – appearing almost black. This was a perfect choice for a structure wrapped in timber batten screening, as it moderates the abundance of light for the private interior spaces.

Southbank - End of Trip

Image Credit: Christopher Frederick Jones


Project Title: Split House
Company Name: Pac Studio

The Split House, highlighted key openings within the walls of the building with joinery frames painted in the rich Dulux Kakanui.

These openings were set over neutral walls in Dulux Narrow Neck for the new portion of the house, and Dulux Narrow Neck Double for the heritage fabric. Joinery sashes used the warm and buttery Dulux White Starlight Quarter. Across the rear of the house two sculptural shading screens diffused the top edge of the house as it met the sky. These screens were painstakingly manufactured with a gradient of splay cut boards, each painted with a Dulux Kakanui wedge along its cut face.

Split House

Image Credit: Christine Francis

Single Residential Exterior – Finalists

Casuarina House

Company Name: Vokes and Peters. Image Credits: Christopher Frederick Jones.

The Lyttelton Boat Shed

Company Name: Partner in Creativity. Image Credits: Julie Villard.

Maggies Lane Barnhouse

Company Name: Carole Whiting Interiors and Design. Image Credits: Daniel Corden.

Clifton Gardens House

Company Name: Studio Gorman. Image Credits: Prue Ruscoe.

The Quarter Deck

Company Name: Studio Gorman. Image Credits: Prue Ruscoe.

Braeside House

Company Name: Lynne Bradley Interiors. Image Credits: Anson Smart.

Victoria Road Project

Company Name: Alexandra Kidd Design. Image Credits: Pablo Veiga.

Split House

Company Name: Pac Studio. Image Credits: Simon Devitt.

Northcote House

Company Name: Sarah Wood Designs. Image Credits: Dylan James.

Glassbook House

Company Name: Sibling Architecture. Image Credits: Katherine Lu.

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