Single Residential Interior


Project Title: Percy St
Company Name: Bagnoli Architects

percy st

Image Credit: Ari Hatzis


Project Title: Amarelo Terrace
Company Name: Arent&Pyke

amarelo terrace

Image Credit: Felix Forest


Project Title: Elsternwick House
Company Name: Fiona Lynch

elsternwick house

Image Credit: Sharyn Cairns

Single Residential Interior – Finalists

Joyful House

Company Name: Mihaly Slocombe, Image Credits: Tatjana Plitt

Roseville Residence Interior

Company Name: The Little Design Corner, Image Credits: Esteban La Tessa


Company Name: Austin Maynard Architects, Image Credits: Tess Kelly


Company Name: Carole Whiting Interiors, Image Credits: Sharyn Cairns

Fitzroy North Townhouse

Company Name: Lisa Breeze Architect, Image Credits: Caitlin Mills


Company Name: BayleyWard & Larritt-Evans, Image Credits: Eve Wilson

Beechworth Residence

Company Name: Doherty Design Studio, Image Credits: Derek Swalwell

The Matlock House

Company Name: The Stylesmiths with Danielle Brustman, Image Credits: Nicole England

Malvern Victorian Italianate

Company Name: Brownlow Interior Design, Image Credits: Christine Francis

Terrarium House

Company Name: John Ellway Architect, Image Credits: Toby Scott


Company Name: Louise Walsh Image Credits: Maree Homer

East Malvern House

Company Name: Made By Cohen + Penny Kinsella Architects, Image Credits: Shannon McGrath

Villa d'Arte

Company Name: SJB, Image Credits: Lucas Allen

Surrey Hills House

Company Name: Fiona Lynch, Image Credits: Sean Fennessy

Peekaboo House

Company Name: Carter Williamson Architects, Image Credits: Brett Boardman


Company Name: CHEG architecture, Image Credits: Joanne Manariti

Reid House

Company Name: Austin Design Associates, Image Credits: Armelle Habib

Triangle House

Company Name: Molecule Studio, Image Credits: Derek Swalwell

Modernist Wonderland

Company Name: WOWOWA Architecture, Image Credits: Martina Gemmola

Manly House 1

Company Name: Emma Mitchell Architects, Image Credits: Simon Whitbread

Layer House

Company Name: Robson Rak Architecture & Interiors, Image Credits: Shannon McGrath

Studio 1

Company Name: Agius Scorpo Architects, Image Credits: Tom Ross

Akiraho St

Company Name: Indigo Design


Company Name: BayleyWard, Image Credits: Eve Wilson

Y Residence

Company Name: Chalk Lane Interiors, Image Credits: Courtney King Photography

Multi Residential Interior


Project Title: North Perth Townhouse
Company Name: Simon Pendal Architect

north perth townhouse

Image Credit: Robert Frith

Multi Residential Interior - Finalists

Lt Collins apartment

Company Name: De.Arch Pty Ltd, Image Credits: Tatjan Plitt

Middle Burke

Company Name: C&K Architecture, Image Credits: Andy Knight Forscene Studio


Company Name: AAA - Arkhefield, ARM and Archipelago Architects, Image Credits: John Gollings and Ben Tole

Waymouth Street Student Accommodation

Company Name: Hayball, Image Credits: Dianna Snape

The Old Central Fire Station

Company Name: Elemento, Image Credits: Tony Speakman

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