At Dulux we take great pride in working with the design community and are incredibly proud to support The Friends of Futuna Charitable Trust. The Trust was established in 2003 with the current Trust Chair being Nick Bevin, Architect and Director of bevin + slessor architects.

Dulux have a long history with Futuna, making this partnership particularly special. This history stretches back as far as to the build of the chapel in 1959, where our then parent company ICI supplied the Perspex glass used in the construction. In more recent years Dulux has been one of the major sponsors of the Futuna Lecture Series. The Futuna Lecture Series provides a wonderful opportunity for the New Zealand Architectural and Design community to engage with a Guest Lecturer in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Futuna Chapel

Chapel of Futuna

Futuna Chapel is a building in Wellington, New Zealand designed by the architect John Scott. Built by the brothers of the Society of Mary, the chapel is named after the Pacific Island of Futuna on which the missionary Peter Chanel, to whom the project is dedicated, was martyred in 1841.

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