The Finalists

Art House

By STUDIO CD. Photography by Anson Smart.

Brunswick Residence

By Lucy Bock Design Studio. Photography by Derek Swalwell.

Grey Lynn

By Dessein Parke. Photography by Sam Hartnett.

Concrete Blonde

By Carter Williamson. Photography by Katherine Lu.

Gillies Hall

By Jackson Clements Burrows. Photography by Peter Clarke.

Balmoral Blue House

By Esoteriko Interior Architecture. Photography by David Wheeler.

Park Orchard House

By Chelsea Hing. Photography by Rhiannon Taylor.

Malvern East House

By Wellard Architects. Photography by Derek Swalwell.

Angophora Pavillion

By Ava Shirley Architect. Photography by James Deck.

Palladiana Party

By Sally Caroline. Photography by Sharyn Cairns.

Northcote House

By Sarah Wood Designs. Photography by Dylan James.

Ruckers Hill House

By Studio Bright. Photography by Rory Gardiner.

Lawler Residence

By Andrew Donaldson Architecture and Design. Photography by Tom Ferguson Photography.

Malvern Residence

By Doherty Design Studio. Photography by Derek Swalwell.

Sunny House

By Cloud Dwellers and Diana Azzarello. Photography by Andy Macpherson.

Orange Grove Cottage

By CO-AP (Architects). Photography by Ross Honeysett.

Plaster Fun House

By Sans-Arc Studio. Photography by Thomas Mccammon.

Budge Over Dover

By YSG. Photography by Prue Ruscoe.

Armadale House

By Luke Fry Architecture & Interior Design. Photography Derek Swalwell.

Redfern Warehouse

By Ian Moore Architects. Photography by Rory Gardiner.

Elm Tree Place

By Eastop Architecture & Design. Photography by Rory Gardiner.

Bourke Street Apartment

By Fowler and Ward. Photography by Tom Blachford.

Glassbook House

By Sibling Architecture. Photography by Katherine Lu.

Thornton Residence

By Doherty Design Studio. Photography by Derek Swalwell.

Perfect Storm

By Green Anvil Co. , Killing Matt Woods & Set For Art. Photography by Kat Lu.

Canopy House

By Leeton Pointon Architects + Interiors. Photography by Lisa Cohen.

St Kilda Residence

By Doherty Design Studio. Photography by Derek Swalwell.

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