Nothing survives like Weathershield

Painting in Winter

This winter, you can extend the painting season and get more done in a day with Dulux Weathershield +Plus Winterlock. It is optimised for application in cooler conditions. The ColdCure Formula means it cures in temperatures down to 2°C, and dries faster*, providing excellent exterior durability and gives a tough, flexible finish for long life protection of the home against all New Zealand weather conditions.

*1 hour touch dry and 4 hour re-coat times at 10°C

Painting over dark or bright colours

Dulux Weathershield +PLUS Super Hide stands out above premium paints for opacity, as it contains much more titanium pigment. These high levels of pigment mean just two coats are required to cover any colour.

Dulux Weathershield & Colorsteel®

Dulux and Colorsteel® are working together to deliver outstanding colour accuracy. All Colorsteel® colours can be matched in Dulux Weathershield ensuring you achieve seamless exterior colour.

Colorsteel® and FlaxPod® are registered trademarks of New Zealand Steel Limited. Do not use this product as a touch-up paint on Colorsteel® steel products. For more information please visit

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*This guarantee does not cover paint failure caused by any breakdown of coatings applied previously, where Dulux Weathershield is applied over coatings not specified by Dulux, or in the event of substrate failure or faulty application. To claim, you must be living in the house you have painted with Dulux Weathershield. Refer to product label for full conditions. This guarantee does not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.