In order to meet healthcare facility protocols, such clinical environments require a higher frequency of cleaning with especially harsh disinfectants. This raises a challenge for facility administrators, architects and specifiers as these harsh cleaning regimes place a greater emphasis on coatings to deliver a hardwearing, chemical resistant finish, without sacrificing the aesthetics or low odour/low VOC requirements.

SteriGuard has been thoroughly tested to withstand common chemicals used in healthcare cleaning and sterilisation methods. These chemicals include harsh cleaning agents such as chlorine agents, quaternary ammonium agents, disinfecting wipes, low level biocides/quaternary ammonium and benzalkonium chloride.

Testing detail

Our R&D team has tested extensively against both in-house and key competitor products and has proven that Dulux Professional SteriGuard delivers above and beyond on all the key requirements in the healthcare sector as outlined by industry experts.



Product Scrub resistance Chemical resistance Stain resistance VOCs - meets GBCA guidelines Overall rating

SteriGuard Interior Low Sheen

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Competitor A

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Competitor B


Competitor C 

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Competitor D

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Competitor E

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Chemical resistance for long-lasting walls

Dulux Professional SteriGuard has been tested against a wide range of clinical cleaning products.

Vigorously tested for premium results

Dulux Professional SteriGuard Durable Acrylic Low Sheen - White

SteriGuard Durable Acrylic Low Sheen has been thoroughly tested to withstand commonly used chemicals in clinical cleaning programs.

In addition to our testing, Dulux has a partnership with Covestro in order to deliver the right technical solution. Partner organisations have been pivotal in ensuring that the SteriGuard products uses premium technical innovations and raw materials.

Both Bio-Pruf™ and Bayhydrol™ Technologies allow SteriGuard to stand alone in its class as the premium healthcare paint solution in the market.