The Dulux Professional Steriguard range is made to last and delivers key benefits for professional painters and asset owners.

High chemical & scrub resistance helps to keep facility walls looking clean and fresh for longer, compared to standard water based products and will ensure that costs are kept down, given less need for re-paint. Easy to clean properties complement healthcare maintenance cycles and an optimised sheen level allows for ease of clean while producing an attractive subtle sheen for public areas. A specially developed biocide technology helps reduce the growth of mould and mildew on the painted surface. To ensure reduced shutdown time, our products are low odour for a quick return to service and less disruption to clients.

General clinical environments

SteriGuard Durable Acrylic Low Sheen is recommended for areas that undergo frequent cleaning such as wards and waiting rooms. Harsh cleaning agents such as chlorine agents and benzalkonium chloride are essential for facility managers where maintenance is critical to the health of the environment. Rigorous testing has gone into the product to ensure that it exceeds the requirements and expectations of these facilities and their cleaning regimes.

High intensity clinical environments

SteriGuard Ultra produces the toughest, most resistant surface in the SteriGuard range. It is recommended for use in environments where harsh chemicals and cleaning programs are implemented to ensure an area remains sterile. Broadwall areas in high intensity clinical environments are frequently cleaned using highly concentrated chlorines and ammoniuma. This can have detrimental effects on walls if they are not correctly coated with a suitably durable paint such as SteriGuard Ultra.


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