In an environment where time is of the essence and time represents money, the Dulux Professional Fast Finish™ range is a business productivity solution designed to reduce labour times and costs in order to allow trade painters to increase their capacity.

Job delivered

Dulux Professional Fast Finish™ allows users to build productivity efficiencies into their businesses. It allows for savings to jobs in commercial and residential settings when used in conjunction with a spray application. The quicker and better we can finish a job, the quicker and sooner we can get on to the next job and leave that customer with a smile on their face too. Sounds great to us.

Time saved

We’ve had those jobs that have been pushed beyond the initial deadline. Fast Finish™ allows the trade painter to create efficiencies in their day to day paint jobs by providing a product range that minimises application time.

Professional Finish

Not only does Fast Finish allow the painter to complete the job in a significantly shorter period of time (excluding preparation), but at Dulux we never compromise on quality, ever. That rings true here. The Dulux Professional Fast Finish is a system designed to decrease the time for application and drying yes, but not at the expense of quality. The range is professional quality and the finish is not just fast but also beautiful.


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For application advice or to obtain the product safety datasheet visit or contact Dulux Customer Service New Zealand 0800 800 424.