Use our premium high performance Professional DryErase™ paint on walls, doors or columns to create unique spaces for brainstorming or planning. Paint an entire room and create a 360° work environment. Unleash your full potential and break down obstacles to collaboration and innovation.

Dulux Professional DryErase™ is available in White or Clear Coat 5m2 size kit. It is easy to apply and is suitable for both residential and commercial markets.

DryErase - clear coat

Who says a whiteboard has to be white? Dulux Professional DryErase™ Clear is a single coat, two pack, transparent paint that transforms a painted surface into an erasable canvas.

  • Dries to a clear semi gloss to gloss finish
  • Easy, wet-on-wet roller application
  • Erases clean
  • Use at work, home and school

Sharing ideas at work

Transform your office into a boundless erasable canvas, giving you the space to fully explore ideas.

Accelerate innovation by getting people on their feet working together in ways never before possible. Dulux Professional DryErase™ will improve the way people collaborate more effectively, be more creative and ultimately deliver better results.

Exploring possibilities at school

There are no ideas too little, only little spaces to put them.

Dulux Professional DryErase™ will transform classrooms into boundless erasable surfaces, giving teachers and students the space they need to communicate, connect and accelerate learning. Turn walls, desks and even old chalkboards into more functional and fun spaces.

Creative freedom at home

Dulux Professional DryErase™ turns any home into a space that will keep the family organized, entertained and connected. 

Transform a kitchen wall into an erasable message board or paint a toy box to make it more interesting than everything inside. It’s perfect for the home office, playroom, or any room, where ideas happen. Infuse fun and functionality into unexpected spaces.


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