A water based Stain & Odour Blocker that offers the superior stain blocking performance of an oil and shellac based undercoat with the convenience of low odour, fast drying & water wash up. It delivers advanced stain blocking for a wide range of water & oil based stains.


  • Stain blocking performance of oil & shellac with benefits of water based
  • Ideal for severe stains caused by graffiti, grease, major water & fire damage
  • Seals pet & smoke odours
  • Water Based Epoxy Primer
  • Available in 1L, 4L, 10L
  • Interior & exterior use


  • Water wash up
  • Fast drying

Product code: 50SX391A


Use on interior & exterior surfaces including paperfaced plasterboard, timber, MDF, chipboard, plywood, aged enamel, brick, render, masonry, concrete, cement sheet, Zincalume®, galvanised iron, aluminium, previously painted surfaces and suitably primed steel.

Surface preparation

Remove as much of the stain as possible by cleaning with Selleys® Sugar Soap, sanding or scraping. PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES Scrape off loose and flaking paint. Wash with Selleys Sugar Soap, to remove grease and grime. Fill nail holes and cracks with a suitable filler, then sand smooth. BARE TIMBER INCLUDING WEATHERBOARDS & HARDBOARDS Sand bare timber to a clean surface and dust down. Fill nail holes and cracks with suitable filler, then sand smooth and dust off. CHALKY SURFACES Sand back to a strongly bound surface and dust off. HIGH GLOSS OR HARD, AGED ENAMEL SURFACES Sand to a dull finish. PLASTERBOARD, MASONRY, MDF, RENDER, CONCRETE, CEMENT SHEET, SUITABLY PRIMED STEEL, GALVANISED IRON & ZINCALUME® Fill holes and other imperfections with a suitable filler, sand and dust off. Allow cement render and concrete to properly cure before priming.

Product downloads

Wall, Ceiling
Bedroom, Living room, Hallway, Dining room, Laundry, Bathroom, Kitchen
Application Method
Stir well before use with a broad flat paddle using an up and down scooping action. Apply one coat of Dulux PRECISION Advanced Stain & Odour Blocker. For heavily stained surfaces on paper-faced plasterboard where there is a different texture between paper and joining compound, or where extra filling and smoothness are required, a second coat may be required.

Drying Characteristics

Touch Dry
30 mins
Re-Coat Time
60 mins

Health Safety

Clean Up