Cultivate’s nature-inspired palette combats the crush of city living with its soothing calmness.

Looking to learn from traditional crafts and techniques, Legacy takes iconic forms and elegant looks and marries them with modern statements of style. It calls upon history’s most cherished classics and adapts them to fit a new vision.

cultivate lounge

In Cultivate we embrace the romance of slow living, taking pleasure in nature and our ability to nurture, grow and sustain ourselves in simple and small ways.

‘Rainy Mountain’ artwork by Prue Clay

cultivate kitchen

Feature subtle Japanese styling cues such as black stained timber, handmade ceramics or origami-like textile prints.

Personal wellbeing comes to the fore and we seek out the soothing, calm refuge of home where we can rest, re-focus and regenerate. Harmonious influences see modern Japanese minimalism blend with natural green hues offset by enlivening plum and uplifting yellow.


cultivate lounge sofa
cultivate lounge tray
cultivate bed

Cultivate palette

The tonal greens of Cultivate are inspired by nature. These are interspersed with uplifting pops of chalky blue, deep plum and yellow curd – the perfect contrast.


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Electro Gold Pearl

A unique anodised look, designed to subtly change in appearance as light conditions alter in the day, delivered with warranty grade super durable polyester powder.

Intergrain Natural Stain Driftwood

A high performance, semi-transparent, water based stain designed to transform the colour of exterior timber.

Duratec Elements Copper Ore

A range of distinctive, robust mar-resistant textured finishes built to withstand the elements, delivered with warranty grade super durable polyester powder.



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Featured artwork 'White Desert' by Chris Sisarich