Colour matching

We keep the formula used to create many of the colours from our previous colour ranges, as well as formulae for colours in the Australian and British standards ranges. Colours matching our Powder Coating colours (used to coat aluminium windows), matches to many Colorsteel® colours and corresponding colours for many of the colours of other paint manufacturers ranges and are also available.

Our total database of colour formulae has over 50,000 colours. Your paint retailer can access these formulas through our formula books or by contacting Dulux Customer Service.

If we cannot find your colour in our database, you can visit a paint retailer with a Dulux Colour Matching System, which can create a special formula to match your required colour from a sample - whether it is a paint chip, or a fabric sample.

It's your project. Your vision. You have carefully selected the Dulux colours that you know will make your project come alive.

Remember, only Dulux paint guarantees a genuine 100% colour match. Substituting paint brands may result in an inferior colour match, in both lighter and darker colours, potentially with costly consequences. This is because Dulux has its own proprietary colour system that requires a combination of Decorama tinters and Dulux paint.

Dulux paint quality will ensure your project stays true to your vision, now and in the future. So make sure you specify Dulux to ensure true representation of your chosen Dulux colours.



  • Superior opacity delivering better coverage and strong bright colours
  • Wide colour gamut
  • All colours are interior and exterior durable


Insist on Dulux

  • Leading in paint technology and performance
  • Environmental Choice compliant paint and tinters

Colorsteel® is a registered trademark of New Zealand Steel Limited.