Getting Started

Choose a chest of drawers which could do with a facelift, or find a new one in store (pictured from IKEA). Gather colour samples to help choose your favourite colour combinations with your kids. Then it’s time to gather your supplies.

  • Chest of drawers or cupboard, as desired
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Dulux 1 Step Acrylic Primer, Sealer & Undercoat
  • Dulux Design Coloured Chalkboard paint in assorted colours (we used Dulux Sharp Yellow, Dulux Teal Trip and Dulux Annular)
  • Good quality paintbrush and short nap roller

You'll also need

  • Dropsheet; damp cloth; quality painter’s tape (optional); paint stirrer; dust-free chalk.

Time to paint

You're ready to paint. Follow these steps to get the best results.

  1. Spread out drop sheet. Remove any handles from your piece of furniture and set them aside for later.

  2. Previously painted surfaces should be sanded back to a dull finish, removing any loose, flaking or peeling paint. Wipe over with a damp cloth to remove any dust. Bare timber should be sanded, dusted and sealed with one coat of Dulux 1 Step Acrylic Primer, Sealer & Undercoat. Allow to dry.

  3. If necessary, apply painter’s tape to mask off separate areas of colour. Stir Dulux Design Coloured Chalkboard thoroughly with a broad, flat paddle using an up and down scooping action.

  4. Use a good quality brush to cut in the paint around the edges, then finish with a short nap roller. Apply paint colours as desired.

  5. When first coat is dry (about 2 hours), apply a second coat. Allow to dry.

  6. Allow the final coat to dry and cure for at least 7 days before conditioning the chalkboard. To condition the board, rub the entire surface of the chalkboard vertically with the side of a piece of chalk, ensuring the chalkboard is completely covered. Then rub the entire surface horizontally with the side of a piece of chalk, again covering the chalkboard completely. Wipe with a soft cloth or chalkboard duster and blow off any excess chalk dust.

  7. The chalkboard is now ready to use! You can use chalk to help your kids tidy the room, or let their imagination run wild.
dulux colour design chalkboard

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