Dulux Design Chalk Effect is simple to apply with the right equipment. Be sure to use quality brushes, and prepare your chosen surface thoroughly before applying. Watch the video below before taking on your next DIY project, then let your imagination run wild! Don’t be afraid to make inspired, bold colour choices.


Products you will need

• Dulux Design Chalk Effect paint.

• Short nap roller (5-10mm) • Quality paint brush

• Fine-Medium Grit Sandpaper • Painters tape

• Paint stirrer


-Surface must be clear, dry and free from dust, oils and grease. Unpainted surfaces: Apply 1 coat of Dulux 1 Step Prep following directions on pack -Mask off the area with painters tape – where you don’t want any paint, such as adjacent walls or handles of furniture (if cannot be removed)

-Stir the paint well with a paint stirrer using an up and down scooping action. Make sure you scrape the bottom of the can to ensure particles are evenly distributed.

-Practice your application technique on a large, spare piece of board.


1. Stir well with a broad flat paddle using an up and down scooping action. Apply two coats of Dulux Design Chalk Effect using a good quality brush to cut in and a short nap roller in good condition for rolling.

2. Allow a minimum of 2 hours dry time between coats. Allow the final coat to dry and cure before use.

3. Chalk effect can be left in the current ultra matt appearance or further sanded to create a vintage distressed look.

For One colour distressing: To distress, use a fine-medium grit sand paper(P240-P180) and lightly sand in one direction. Other grit papers can be used to achieve the desired finish. For an authentic distressed look, sand areas of the surface where wear is most likely to naturally occur.

For Two colour distressing: Choose your choice of Dulux Design Effects Chalk colours. Apply two even coats of the first colour. Apply one coat of the second colour. Wait 2 hours before sanding or distressing.

For greater protection ion furniture or home accessories follow with Dulux Design Effects Clear Top Coat. Please note: Clear Top Coat may further increase the gloss lightly and darken the effect colour slightly.

Suggested areas to paint

• Walls and furniture

Handy tips

• Leave ultra matt or create a one tone or two toned distressed look.

• For an authentic distressed look, sand areas of the surface where wear is most likely to naturally occur like raised edges.

• For further protection against marks, seal with Dulux Design Clear Top Coat.

• Ideal for upcycling furniture.

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