Interior painting guides

Use our range of interior painting guides to give you the tips and techniques you need for that quality finish.

How to Paint Doors and Trims

Create a welcoming entrance to any room of the house with the right tools and techniques for the job.

Prepare interior surfaces

Nothing beats a great paint job, especially one you’ve done yourself. Give yourself the best chance at success by following the instructions.

Repainting interior and weather affected surfaces

Your guide to product selection for repainting interior and exterior weather affected surfaces. 

How to paint stripes

Achieve the impact of a wallpaper look without the hassle.

How to paint windows and trims

Create the perfect frame to the outside world with a lustrous paint and a little know-how.

How to paint a ceiling

Your ceilings can sometimes be overlooked, but with a refreshing colour and a flawless finish you’ll give people a reason to look up and admire your handy work.

How to paint walls

The walls of your home add colour to your world and set the mood for everyday life. So, the way you apply your paint can be just as important as the colour itself to get the perfect finish.

Recommended products

Dulux Wash&Wear Gloss

Walls look freshly painted for years.