Texture has become a remedy for our senses

Move away from smooth, cold surfaces and surround yourself with warm colours, flesh tones and vegetal hues. Rediscover colours that are soothing and restorative; relaxing and tonal, but not dull. Create interiors with texture, tactility and undulating surfaces.

Subtle pastels and soft naturals make up the Sentience palette. New beiges with a hint of grey are versatile and will pair easily with the mellow hues of the range. Textures in washed earth tones with Dulux Suede Effect will add another dimension to interiors.

Colour palette

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Colours displayed should be used as a guide for your colour selection. To ensure best accuracy, test your colour choice at home by ordering Dulux Sample Pots and Large Colour Swatches.

Bring this trend to life in your home

The Sentience  trend is almost as much about texture as it is about colour. It features warm hues, flesh tones and vegetal shades that are soothing to the senses; and tactile, perfectly imperfect paint effects that are a delight to both run your eyes  over and to touch.


How to get the look

Bringing the Sentience look into your home


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