Surfaceshield™ HD-H (horizontal) is a water-based, low VOC solution used to protect horizontal surfaces from contaminants including chewing gum, and facilitate easier cleaning. Surfaceshield™ HD-H is a non-sacrificial coating allowing repeated cleaning after one application. Surfaceshield™ HD-H is non film-forming; it is a surface treatment that penetrates the porous surface providing an invisible hydrophobic layer. Contaminants can be removed using a combination of graffiti removal agents and hot water pressure.

Product code: 992H0050


Non-sacrificial surface treatment for paths and walkways allowing repeated graffiti removal. Typically used on floors and paths of: commercial developments, public spaces, public transport, rail infrastructure, retail complexes, road infrastructure.

Surface preparation

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Concrete, Brick, Natural stone
Protective Coatings
Footpath, Walkway, Concrete floor