Fluoroset® FP is a fluoropolymer powder coating designed specifically for applications where colour and gloss retention are critical. Fluoroset® FP is formulated with an advanced fluoropolymer resin technology and high performance pigments to conform to the AAMA 2605 (specification for superior performing organic coatings) performance standard.
In most cases, Fluoroset® FP can match other fluoropolymer liquid systems with the advantage of significantly improved mar resistance. Fluoroset® FP has been developed for use on architectural aluminium, including window and door frames, panel work, sunscreens and other exterior metal features where colour and gloss retention are critical.


  • Class leading colour and gloss retentionSupported by a 30 year durability warranty* on pre-treated architectural aluminium when applied by a Dulux Registered ApplicatorExceeds AAMA 2605 performance standardOutstanding proven performanceSuitable for developments in close proximity to salt waterSmooth film appearance


  • Guaranteed performance on appropriately pre-treated aluminium - see warranty* details, Excellent colour retention, hard wearing serviceable finish Ideal for landmak exterior projects for residential of commmercial use in harsh geothermal or marine conditions or simply where the project need to retail its good looks.

Product code: 964


Fluoroset® FP is a range of Fluoropolymer powder coatings designed specifically for architectural applications where colour and gloss retention are critical for prestigious architectural projects. Fluoroset� FP is formulated with advancedFluoropolymer (Lumiflon�) resin technology and utilising high performance pigments to conform with the performance requirements of AAMA2605. Fluoroset� FP will give increased gloss and colour retention over high durability polyesters and matches Fluoropolymer liquid systems whilst deriving increased mar resistance by virtue of its thermosetting chemistry.

Surface preparation

Surfaces should be prepared according to appropriate standards such as AAMA 2605 and AS3715 (available from Standards New Zealand offices).

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Fluoroset Powdercoat Range
How to Apply
Add to water based paints to ease application. Ensure material is fully incorporated before application. Recommended addtion levels arebetween 50 - 100mL per litre.
AAMA 2605-98 (10 years),Gloss retention >50%.
Heat Resistance
Excellent resistance to 90�C continuous service conditions.
Abrasion Resistance
Pass abrasion co-efficient >40
Acid Resistance
Muriatic Acid - unaffected Nitric Acid - Pass ?E
Alkaline Resistance
Resistant to spills of dilute alkali. Avoid contact.
Salt Resistance
Excellent salt spray resistance over pretreated aluminium. Pass 4000 hrs


How to Specify Example Aluminium Specification Dulux Fluoroset� FP Electric Cow 964-96881 to meet AAMA 2605. Product must be applied by a Dulux Registered Aluminium Applicator and may offer a 30 year durability warranty.

Health Safety

Clean Up
Thoroughly wash brushes in water before re-using