Luxafloor® RollCoat is a high build, high solids, two pack epoxy floor coating that provides a hardwearing surface. It is ideal for use in areas subject to foot and rubber-tyred vehicle traffic.


  • Extremely tough, damage resistant film
  • General epoxy floor coating
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete
  • Good chemical resistance


  • Low VOC
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in a selected range of factory made and tinted colours

Product code: 70738661


Luxafloor® RollCoat is a high build, high solids, two pack epoxy floor coating that provides a hardwearingsurface. It is ideal for use in areas subject to foot and rubber-tyred vehicle traffic. Can be applied as a slip resistantfinish to provide maximum safety by using a suitable aggregate. Refer Product Data Sheet PC940 LUXAFLOOR�Aggregate.LUXAFLOOR� RollCoat is ideal for use in internal floor areas of factories, warehouses etc. It provides an attractiveappearance that is easily cleaned.

Surface preparation

Remove all laitance, form release, curing compounds, oil, grease and other surface contaminants. Diamond grind, track or light shot-blast to provide suitable profile. Remove all dust by vacuum cleaning. Fill any large voids exposed using Luxepoxy Filler. Cement based substrates should be at least 21 days old before coating.

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Material Numbers
Pot Life
Refer to datasheet for various hardners
Application Method
Brush, Roller, Conventional and Airless spray.
How to Apply
Roller application suitable for use on concrete floors by applying even coats of mixed material to the prepared surface. Thin up to 5% to assist application. It is recommended that typical �X� and �Y� roller patterns be used, working in small areas of up to 10m2 at a time, keeping a wet-edge moving forward. When brushing and rolling additional coats may be required to attain the specified thickness.
Where to Use
Suitably prepared concrete.
VOC Level
140 g/L (Mid Base, untinted)
Epoxy coatings may yellow with time. On exterior exposure some chalking may also occur. This will not detract from the protective properties of the coating. Use a weatherable topcoat if required for appearance.
Heat Resistance
Up to 120�C dry heat.
Water Resistance
Excellent resistance to fresh and salt water.
Abrasion Resistance
Excellent when fully cured. 133 mg per 1000 cycles (CS-17, 1000 gm load/wheel)
Solvent Resistance
Resists splash and spillage of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents and alcohols.
Acid Resistance
Suitable for splash and spillage exposure to dilute acids.
Alkaline Resistance
Excellent resistance to splash and spillage of most alkalis.
Salt Resistance
Unaffected by splash and spillage of neutral and alkaline salt solutions.


AS/NZS 4586 (with the addition of a suitable LUXAFLOOR� Aggregate)

Health Safety

Storage and Disposal
Store as required for a flammable liquid Class 3 in a bunded area under cover. Store in well-ventilated area away from sources of heat or ignition. Keep containers closed at all times.
Clean Up
Clean all equipment with Dulux� Epoxy Thinner (920-08925) immediately after use.
This is an industrial product designed for use by experienced Protective Coating applicators. Where conditions may require variation from the recommendations on this Product Data Sheet contact your nearest Dulux representative for advice prior to painting. Do not apply in conditions outside the parameters stated in this document without the express written consent of Dulux� New Zealand. Freshly mixed material must not be added to material that has been mixed for some time. The rate of cure is dependent upon temperature. Do not apply at temperatures below 10�C, or where the surface temperature is below 10�C. Do not apply at relative humidity above 85% or when the surface is less than 3�C above the dewpoint. To minimise colour variation ensure all product is mixed and thinned as directed, box containers before use, do not mix hardener types on one job. To minimise variations in appearance topcoat must be applied in one session using a uniform/consistent application technique.