Metalshield QD Enamel Topcoat is ideal as a coating for steel in mild and commercial environments. The preferred coating where a hard wearing, fast dry, easy repair and recoat finish is required. Used to paint machinery and equipment such as cranes, trailers, pumps, compressors and as a general purpose fast dry enamel.


  • High Gloss Finish
  • Rapid Dry & Recoat


  • Extensive Colour Range Using ColorFast® Tint System

Product code: 366


Primer for moderate protection of steel against corrosion. Generally used as part of a protective coating system in: cranes, farm and factory machinery and equipment, miscellaneous metalwork.

Surface preparation

Metalshield QD Enamel Topcoat is designed for application to suitably primed surfaces, (typically METALSHIELD primers) or prepared sound existing coatings. Suitable primed substrates include steel, aluminium, zinc coated steel, concrete, fibreglass or MDF. It is recommended that specifiers follow the guidelines for surface preparation from the product data sheet for the primer selected. The primer surface must be free from grease, oil, dirt and other loosely adhering materials.

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Internal steel frame, Truss
Application Method
Conventional or airless spray
On exterior exposure some chalking may also occur. This will not detract from the protective properties of the coating.
Heat Resistance
Up to 80°C dry heat.
Water Resistance
Resists rain and condensation. Not recommended for permanently damp or immersed exposure.
Abrasion Resistance
Good abrasion resistance when fully cured.
Solvent Resistance
Resists mineral turpentine. Limited resistance to strong solvents.
Acid Resistance
Resists mineral turpentine. Limited resistance to strong solvents.
Alkaline Resistance
Not recommended where fumes, splash or spillage may occur.
Salt Resistance
Poor resistance to most salt solutions.

Drying Characteristics

Touch Dry
20 minutes
Re-Coat Time

24 Hours*

*Overcoating can occur up to 4 hours after the initial application or after 24 hours. Failing to observe these limits may result in "frying". If in doubt test a small inconspicuous area first. Allow longer times under cold conditions.


STEEL Mild Environments Hand &/or Power tool clean AS1627.2: St 3 Abrasive blast AS1627.4 Class 1. Typical System: 1 x Metalshield High Build ZP @ 50 microns + 1 x Metalshield QD Enamel Topcoat @ 40 microns