The latest colour range from Dulux features over 530 new colours including a new and improved selection of greys, naturals, neutrals, darks and brights. The new Dulux World of Colour® Series II Atlas and Fandeck created specifically for the design and trade professional is available now.

More colours. More possibilities.

Dulux World of Colour Series II includes new and improved greys, neutrals, naturals and dark shades, along with a wide selection of cleaner and brighter vibrant colours, offering ‘more colour, more possibilities’. The new offering has also included an update to Dulux’s core colour range, and includes an expansion of popular natural Colours of New Zealand based hues.

Dulux World of Colour Series II comprises of over 4800 Dulux colours, marking an extensive range to suit every project and design style: large or small, interior or exterior, commercial or residential, modern or traditional, bold or subdued.

Developing the Dulux World of Colour Series II range has allowed Dulux to explore colour potential and offer both inspiring and widely-usable colours which design professionals will love. The greater colour offering will inspire and fulfil the needs of architects, specifiers and designers like never before.

The colour palette has been enhanced, most notably with a depth of neutrals and greys, which will help design professionals to bridge gaps which previously existed between colours, and add smaller steps for monochromatic shading. The expanded colour offering reflects Dulux’s commitment to providing innovative and relevant solutions for the industry.

Relevant colour tools for design professionals have also been refreshed, with an updated Dulux Atlas and Fan deck available now.

View the online Colour Atlas which includes new colours.

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For the first time in a decade, Dulux® has introduced over 530 new colours to its range for New Zealand and Australian design professionals.

New Atlas and Fandecks available now.