As our planet becomes overcrowded we explore the innovative possibilities of unknown worlds.

The lure of unexplored worlds captures our imagination and brings about design opportunities.

Our fascination with infinite space inspires visions of creatures glowing with phosphorescent light against dark coloured backdrops and celestial objects such as planets, moons, exploding stars and vast nebular clouds.

Meet the designers

Elise Cakebread

Textile Designer, Cakebread Studio

Elise is a textile artist and designer working across both printed and constructed textiles. Her practice is driven by experimentation and exploration within traditional textile processes and techniques. Her work focuses on the tensions created by the unusual or unexpected contrasts that emerge between materials, forms, colours, textures and scale. Through these methods she explores ideas of materiality, tactility, craft, disposability and the ornamental. These explorations across both her visual and design practices culminate as sculptural work, decorative objects, and accessories.

Elise created bespoke otherworldly colours in her Pile High Club floor cushions for the trend Infinite Worlds. Images styled by Bree Leech and Heather Nette King. Photography by Lisa Cohen.

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