As we move towards the future we look for reassurance from our past. We are drawn to contemporary designs that evoke reassuring memories.

Our reality is one of a digital world where we seek comfort in nostalgic references that ground us in times of uncertainty.

Design explores analogue processes, customising and reinvigorating old techniques with the enhancement of new technology.

Meet the designers

Emma Leah

Master Perfumer, Fleurage

Fleurage is a scent design studio dedicated to producing traditional perfumery both in historical form and translated to modern style. Master Perfumer Emma Leah’s speciality is signature fragrance creation but her underlying passion is scent and the psyche. She is especially focused on cross-sensory exploration using scent as both the stimulus and anchor for combining all of the senses for maximum experience and impact.

For the Future Past trend, Emma created an intriguing room scent that is bold yet refined and luxurious. Images styled by Bree Leech and Heather Nette King. Photography Mike Baker

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