Nature is our counterbalance to the control we constantly seek in life. It consumes, it creeps in, we can’t escape it and we are unable to perfectly predict its effects.

Nature represents the perfect balance - the delicate structure of an insect wing, rock formations stacked inexplicably on a hill, the cracked surfaces of parched earth. We call on nature to not just inspire but to collaborate.

Employing nature’s innate features to transform materials and forms into beautiful, unexpected and unique designs that somehow feel more human. Wavering between manmade and natural – the ultimate in bespoke creation.

Meet the designers

Gregory Bonasera and Anthony Raymond - Porcelain Bear

Specialising in functional porcelain objects, Gregory and Anthony formed Porcelain Bear in 2011 and have built a strong reputation for pushing their medium into unexpected technical and aesthetic territories. Recent Porcelain Bear collections include pendant lighting and luminaires, side tables and tableware, and a fully functioning porcelain dining table. Their work is regularly commissioned for domestic and commercial projects for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Porcelain Bear created the elegantly balanced Porcelena bowl for the trend Bio Fragility. Images styled by Bree Leech and Heather Nette King. Photography by Mike Baker.

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