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At Dulux we are focused on making a positive impact on people and protecting the environment.  This has permeated all facets of our business from the manufacturing of our products through to the products themselves and how they are used, through to the disposal and recycling at the end of a job well done.

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Environmental sustainability is a core element of the Dulux business philosophy. Dulux is committed to the ongoing research and development of innovative products that are more sensitive towards nature. This is evident in our proactive shift from solvent-based products to water-based alternatives. Dulux New Zealand's Gracefield site in Wellington, manufactures under the international standard for environmental best practice, ISO 14001.


New Zealand Green Building Council

A member of the New Zealand Green Building Council, Dulux strives to strike a better environmental balance as illustrated in our holistic approach to the overall painting process. From initiating sustainable business partnerships, through to products and even the actual clean-up stage, we are continually developing new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products, without affecting their outstanding performance and the quality results that New Zealand's professional and DIY painters have come to expect from Dulux.


Health & Safety Practices

"A future without harm" is our safety vision statement, we are committed to providing safe workplaces. From the time you enter reception at any Dulux site you are aware of the company concern with safety.

Acrylic Paints

Dulux New Zealand's development of environmental responsible water-based paints as a replacement for many solvent-based paints has been under way since the 1960's. Dulux New Zealand is now the largest manufacturer of water-based paints. The benefit to the environment is obvious. When solvent-based paint dries, a large quantity of solvent evaporates into the atmosphere, contributing to air pollution levels. On the other hand, water-based paint emits mainly harmless water vapour into the air.

Environmental Choice

Dulux New Zealand was awarded an Environmental Choice licence. This licence covers most Dulux premium water based paints.  Environmental Choice branded products must meet strict environmental standards and are recognised by the New Zealand Green Building Council, Green Star rating tools.  For a full list of accredited products please click here.

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Waste Management

Correct waste disposal is an essential and important part of safe working practice. Every endeavour is made to minimise the quality and quantity of waste generation, and hence reduce the associated problem of waste disposal.



Dulux EnviroWash System

The Dulux EnviroWash System is an innovative, water-based treatment system that turns paint wash-out into clean water and inert solid waste, allowing for easier and safer disposal. The first of its kind in the New Zealand market, the patented Dulux EnviroWash System provides an environmentally responsible way of washing out painting tools, such as brushes and rollers, and minimises the negative impact of traditional paint waste disposal methods.

The EnviroWash System is efficient and fast - separating paint solids from 120 litres of water in only 1 hour. The largest system can handle up to 800 litres of paint washings and the EnviroWash System can process every type of acrylic paint in New Zealand.The Dulux EnviroWash System helps to avoid stormwater pollution issues. Increased community expectations of environmentally responsible clean up processes make the system a must-have for the professional painter.


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Dulux Paint Take-Back Service

As the final step in the product life cycle Dulux close the loop with our Paint Take Back Service for trade painters.  Unwanted paint and containers are reused or recycled to minimise our impact on the environment.

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Visit http://www.painttakeback.co.nz




Dulux New Zealand Safety Health and the Environment Policy - 2018






Dulux Facts

Never leave a paint-covered roller exposed to the air for a long length of time. If you’re having a break, wrap it in plastic cling wrap. Sounds odd, but it works.

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