AcraTex Cladding System Solutions

AcraTex Acrylic Texture Systems Last Longer - Dulux AcraTex systems are engineered to integrate with the substrate and each other to optimise performance and durability life cycles.

The AcraTex 3-step process, installed by a specialist applicator, is the best way to ensure a project against the damaging effects of water ingress, carbon dioxide & chloride ion attack whilst delivering and maintaining the design style and colour impact so important in today's residential and commercial architecture.

Primer Coat

Dulux AcraTex AcraPrime : A range of substrate specific surface consolidating and sealing products designed to enhance the substrate integrity and aid proper application and curing of subsequent AcraTex Texture and Finishing coatings.

Intermediate/Body Coat

AcraTex Texture or Intermediate body coat delivers the system's selected finish and performance ""build"" coat in a seamless, high build, flexible coating. Typically these are 1-2mm thick in a range of aesthetic styles from contemporary ""sand finish render"" appearance through to feature texture applications.


AcraTex AcraShield or Elastomeric grade shieldcoats deliver a breathable protective topcoat that is applied as the final performance barrier layer against water ingress, UV attack, atmospheric pollution & dirt pick-up. Available across the full Dulux exterior colour range.

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