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Colour reflects who we are and who we aspire to be. It's expressive, fun, creative and always conversational. Colour is one of the most important elements in your home. You can use colour to brighten up your mood, create a calm retreat, make your space look larger or smaller, or simply to give it more light.


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Colour inspires in countless ways. It's a great idea to create a mood board so you can see all your ideas in one place. It really makes it easier to visualise what you want to achieve. For your exterior, take a walk around your neighbourhood to see how other's colour schemes work. Inside, check our the Dulux collection brochures and colour chips, thumb through house and garden magazines or visit sites such as Pinterest. And don't forget the new Dulux Colour App and colour wall in-store for fresh inspiration. You can also find inspiration at home by drawing on colours from your favourite cushion, sofa or artwork.

Use our Colour Inspiration Gallery to help you choose your colours.  Or click the links below to view one of our Dulux collection brochures;

Dulux Exterior Brochure

Dulux Interior Brochure


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What's your home style? Contemporary, traditional, modern? Decide and use this to help define your fundamental colour palettes. Not only do you have colour choices, you now also have options with textured or metallic products. So you see, the sky is the limit.

Lighting and Colour

Natural light levels in a room will dramatically affect colour density. Rooms facing south or rooms that receive little light appear lighter and brighter when you use lighter shades - for example whites or neutrals. Rooms facing north that are engulfed with light (and may feel very warm) suit the cooler palette of colours.

How could colour make you feel?



Yellows can create a happy, sunny feel and make the room appear brighter. Yellow radiates warmth and is a reflective colour.



Blues can give a tranquil, serene feeling and sense of spaciousness. Blues are calming and help us think of our environment.



Reds can create a wonderfully warm, passionate feeling with a hint of mystique.They're renowned as a colour of strength and power. Red works wonderfully as a dramatic entrance colour or in a formal or contemporary dining or living area.



Whites and neutrals are ideal for creating a clean, classical backdrop. And for effect you can add a splash of your favourite colour to any space. Options abound - cooler or warmer whites and neutrals, greys, beiges, tans, creams and coffees.



Relaxing and restful to the eye, greens create a cool, fresh and calm ambience. Greens come in many shades and can be lime, mint, citrus, or teal.



Decorating with purple can create an illusion of grandeur. Lavender is lovely in a baby's nursery and a rich eggplant works well for a feature wall in your living area.

Dulux Facts

Always use masking tape around the edges of doors, skirtings and windows. Use a quality tape and remove it before the paint gets too dry.

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