Dulux Ceiling Products

High opacity, ultra flat Ceiling products are available in both Dulux Premium and Dulux Professional ranges. Most Dulux Ceiling paints can be tinted to pastel shades. To reduce application time, use Dulux Nevermiss.

Dulux Wash & Wear Plus Ceiling

Dulux Wash &; Wear Plus Ceiling provides a durable acrylic, flat finish that hides surface imperfections and with Dulux Mouldshield® + Anti-Bacterial Technology helps provide mould and bacteria resistance. Dulux Wash &; Wear Plus Ceiling is low odour and low VOC†. Dulux Wash &; Wear Plus Ceiling Plus is highly recommended for ceilings in all areas of your home.

DULUX Light & Space Ceiling Flat

Brilliant white with ultimate hiding power

Dulux Light & Space Ceiling is an ultra white high performance ceiling paint. With concentrated titanium pigment, it delivers superior opacity and creates a light and bright appearance.

DULUX NeverMiss One Coat

DULUX NeverMiss One Coat Ceiling White is a specially formulated ceiling paint which provides outstanding opacity and superior hiding power with just one application. Its revolutionary formula applies pink and changes to white as it dries, meaning you'll never miss where you have painted.

DULUX Ceiling White

A low VOC, flat white ceiling paint with excellent hiding power.

DULUX Professional UltraHide Tintable Ceiling Flat

DULUX Professsional UltraHide tintable ceiling paint is a water based 100% acrylic interior flat designed especially for ceilings.

Dulux Enviro2 Ceiling Flat

Dulux Professional Enviro2 Ceiling Flat is a premium low VOC, low odour acrylic paint specifically designed for use on ceilings. It has high opacity and an ultra flat finish to help hide surface imperfections and produce a smooth even finish.

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