Dulux Ceiling Products

High opacity, ultra flat Ceiling products are available in both Dulux Premium and Dulux Professional ranges. Most Dulux Ceiling paints can be tinted to pastel shades. To reduce application time, use Dulux Nevermiss.

DULUX Ceiling White

A low VOC, flat white ceiling paint with excellent hiding power.

DULUX Ceiling White Flat

Dulux Ceiling White provides a flat finish with excellent hiding power, ideal for use on ceilings.

DULUX Ceiling White Kitchen&Bathroom

An ultra white high performance ceiling paint, made to perform in all areas of your home.

DULUX Ceiling White Never Miss

Dulux Ceiling White Never Miss takes the guess work out of painting ceilings as it applies pink so you can see where you have painted and dries to beautiful flat white finish.

DULUX Professional Fast Finish Undercoat and Ceiling Flat

Dulux Professional Fast Finish Undercoat & Ceiling Flat is a high quality, dual purpose interior paint that is designed to save time by undercoating walls and topcoating ceilings without stopping. It is purpose built for airless spraying as a ceiling topcoat and broadwall undercoat.

DULUX Professional Fast Finish DryFall Ceiling

Dulux Professional Fast Finish Dry Fall Ceiling is a flat premium acrylic ceiling paint designed specifically for spray application. Formulated with dryfall properties, it is suitable for interior ceilings and overhead surfaces. When applied to ceilings of minimum 3 metres in height, the Dry Fall paint dries to a powder when the overspray particles reach the floor, allowing for easy clean up. For simple touch up, back rolling is recommended.

DULUX Professional UltraHide Tintable Ceiling Flat

DULUX Professsional UltraHide tintable ceiling paint is a water based 100% acrylic interior flat designed especially for ceilings.

DULUX Enviro2 Ceiling Flat

Dulux Professional Enviro2 Ceiling Flat is a premium low VOC, low odour acrylic paint specifically designed for use on ceilings. It has high opacity and an ultra flat finish to help hide surface imperfections and produce a smooth even finish.

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