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How to paint using Dulux Design Suede

Be inspired by the unique textures of Dulux Design Suede to create depth and dimension to your home. These finishes don’t just look beautiful; they are also great at hiding surface imperfections.

  1. Good preparation is the key to great results. So clear your area, lay down a drop sheet, grab yourself a variety of brushes, high quality tape and a roller.

  2. Although applying effects paints have some special requirements the basic process still applies. First mask off and cut-in your wall then apply your first and second coat. For more details refer to our How to paint walls instructions.

    Different application techniques will create different effects so play around on some board before you paint your first wall. Experiment with different brush techniques to create patterns and textures within the finish.

  3. Once you’re done clean up is a breeze with a little water for your brushes and roller.